Why do I need a nursing hoodie?

Why do I need a nursing hoodie?

Why do I need a nursing hoodie?

You might be asking yourself, “why do I need a nursing hoodie?” If you’re pregnant on baby one, you definitely might be wondering why, and if you’re breastfeeding, why you need that nursing hoodie is no mystery.

Imagine the scene:

You’re wearing your regular hoodie under your jacket. You’re out on a winter or fall walk with your baby. They need to nurse. All of sudden, you’ve entered the obstacle course of breastfeeding. First it’s the unzip of your jacket. Then it’s the pull up of the hoodie fabric. You baby is crying and you can’t to them fast enough, cause you’re still fighting with your sweater to stay in position.

Now, your stomach’s freezing. You feel half naked. You’re wondering if everyone in that park is wondering why you’ve turned into the local flasher. There’s got to be a better way to breastfeed you think to yourself.

And there is: it’s a called a nursing hoodie.

So what can you do in a nursing hoodie or breastfeeding sweater?

  1. You can breastfeed with ease and stay warm outside, as well as inside.

Say goodbye to being the local flasher or having to tent your baby with a nursing cover. A nursing hoodie let’s you easily pull out your boob at your bust line, while remaining totally covered. You can even position the fabric to cover you boob completely, while your baby is latched.

  1. You can breastfeed quickly

When you’re wearing a regular shirt to breastfeed in, you’re fighting to pull the shirt up, while trying to pull the hook of your nursing bra down. That’s a lot of physics to contend with. With a nursing hoodie, the access point to your boobs is right on top of the access point of your bra, making it that much quicker to get to your boobs.

  1. You can stay cool, while you’re pregnant or nursing

The release of oxytocin while you're breastfeeding can raise your body temperature so you may feel hot while you're nursing. This is why the zippers in a breastfeeding hoodie or nursing sweater can also serve as ventilation.

  1. Bonus use: applying deodorant without stains is way easier

Rather than applying your deodorant and having to put your nursing hoodie on carefully, you can simply unzip after your dressed.

When should you wear a nursing hoodie?

Honestly, you can wear your nursing hoodie, all-day, every-day or whenever you want. But here are favourite times it comes in handy:

  1. First thing in the morning when you just want to throw on something cozy
  2. As a warmup layer in a mom-baby fitness class
  3. While traveling, especially in airports and airplanes when it’s chilly
  4. On stroller walks or out in public with your baby, so you never have to feel half-naked while breastfeeding

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