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How luxury maternity activewear helps ensure maternity isn’t a luxury.

The Ghana Maternity & Newborn Care Project

AFTER9 and Ghana Medical Help are partnering to save the lives of moms and babies.

Our Goal:

Purchase 38 Fetal Dopplers for 19 Hospitals in Northern Ghana by 2025

We'll match your donations at checkout.

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How Fetal Dopplers Make a Difference

Women go through their whole pregnancy in Northern Ghana without having access to a fetal doppler to ensure their baby is healthy - which means providers can’t see complications coming.

A mom in Ghana is 8x more likely than a mom in North America to die in childbirth. 

Her baby is 5x more likely to die.

It’s one of the biggest factors contributing to preventable death and illness. It’s also one we can affect, quickly. 

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Make a Huge Impact.

Since right now, AFTER9 has gotten on board to help. That’s where you come in.

Leave a tip with your AFTER9 purchase. Whatever percentage you’re able to donate, we’ll match

When you consider that one $30 fetal doppler will service up to 2,500* women & babies each year, you’ll agree - small contributions can have a big impact. 

*Based on women who delivered at Bolga Regional Hospital in Ghana.

Our Goal

Purchase 38 Fetal Dopplers by 2025 by matching tips donated by you at checkout.









About Ghana Medical Help

Since 2010, GMH has helped over 2 million people access improved basic healthcare services at 16 hospitals in the upper regions of Ghana.

GMH is headquartered in Vancouver, and led by Dr. Kelly Hadfield, a family physician in Vancouver, with a speciality in family obstetrics (e.g. she delivers babies.

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If you have more questions about Ghana Medical Help or how you can support this cause, we want to hear from you.

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