Our Story

We believe that moms deserve function, comfort, style and above all else, pockets.

Hello mama,

I'm, Liv, founder of AFTER9.

Let me tell you a secret about most maternity wear: It’s terrible

It’s not comfortable, fashionable or functional — they don’t even give us pockets half the time.

I started AFTER9 because I believe we deserve better. 

We deserve clothing that’s beautifully designed, because looking good feels good.

We deserve clothing that provides support everywhere need it. And comfort, everywhere we want it.

We deserve clothing that changes as our bodies do.

We deserve clothing that’s built to last (not something we’re excited to burn). 

And you better believe we deserve pockets. 

I have listened to input from hundreds of moms and personally measured over 500 bumps and 1,000 growing, changing boobs.

The result is a line of sustainable, fashionable, high-performance maternity wear that you’ll love wearing whether it’s workout time, meeting time or feeding time. 

After all, why should what you need to wear and what you want to wear be two different things? 

Our Mission.

We create bold, functional activewear to inspire movement, and confidence in every moment of motherhood.