Get 50% off an AFTER9 item with our "Burn" Bin Special

Get 50% off an AFTER9 item with our "Burn" Bin Special

If you hate something, set it free. 

At our upcoming Baby Shows and in-person events, we're offering you the chance to donate the maternity wear you hate, and save 50% on an AFTER9 piece you’ll love. We call this, the "Burn" Bin Special, and it's your chance to give yourself the upgrade on your motherhood journey you deserve.

Step 1: The Purge

Currently, the "Burn" Bin Special is only available in-person. You must actually donate a physical clothing item to participate. To keep the authentic challenge, it must be some piece of clothing you've been forced to wear on your motherhood challenge. 

Step 2: The Splurge

Once you find an AFTER9 item you love, we'll film you talking about why you dumped your uglies and why you've decided to splurge. To recieve the 50% off discount on the item, you must agree to be filmed. There are no exceptions.


Q: I had total mom brain, meant to bring an item and forgot it at home

No problem. Mom brain happens. We'll give you 15% off your purchase at the show (filming your splurge) and then, you can film yourself donating a piece of clothing at home. The filming of this can be symbolic, like dropping clothes in some sort of bin or basket. 

Q: I want to be filmed, but I love this challenge want to participate

 No problem. We will give you 15% off your AFTER9 splurge. The full 50% is reserved for those mamas willing to be filmed. 

Q: I don't live near an in-person event. How can I do this at home? 

We don't know if this crazy idea will take off. For Spring 2024, this challenge is reserved for our in-person events. But stay tuned, if it does work, we'll roll it out online. 

Q: Where will the "Burn" Bin be at next?

 Vist it our Events Page to find out

Q: Do you actually burn the uglies???

The "burn" term is symbolic. We donate them to Diabetes Canada

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