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Embrace maternity

Built-in Back Support. Pockets. Dress them up or down.
      Our Embrace Maternity Leggings & postpartum leggings will transform the comfort and style you'll experience your whole journey. Featuring our unique 360-degree support waistband, it will feel like you are getting a back and belly lift from behind.
      18 products

      18 products

      finally! leggings with built-in back & belly support

      Our Signature 360 Waistband is the only one of its kind on the maternity market.

      It is constructed with a 4.5-inch compression elastic, which wraps around the back side of the waistband and is serged to a double-folded front piece to create a flexible hammock for the belly. This provides you with additional back support, while enabling the waistband to be flexible in the growing with you.

      sustainable in every way

      Our black nylon spandex is knitted in Montreal, Quebec with one of the world's most durable and sustainable yarns. Your leggings can sustain your journey from pregnancy to postpartum without pilling, all with a built in biodegration process when you no longer need them.

      In 2018, 17 million tons of textile waste ended up in landfills, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency, making up 5.8 percent of the total MSW generation that year. The unique technology used by our mill keeps the durability and the quality of clothing intact until it is fully discarded in landfill, where it will completely biodegrade after three years. Watch the video to learn more.

      bump to baby guaranteed

      The AFTER9 difference is our tested approach to product development.

      Whether you are newly pregnant, third trimester, or 3-months postpartum, our products should not pill or lose their structural integrity. It's our promise to you.

      If we aren't meeting this expectation, please contact us and we'll make it right.