Nursing sports bra vs. regular sports bra – which one is right for you?

Nursing sports bra vs. regular sports bra – which one is right for you?

Why a breastfeeding sports bra is your breast friend?

Depending on where you are in your motherhood journey, you may not understand exactly what nursing bras are and why you can’t just keep living in your sports bra. Nursing sports bra vs. sports bra – which one is right for you? After all, a few weeks into pregnancy, you’re main priority is probably comfort and support for those ever so painful growing breasts.

Your boobs when pregnant

According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, women may begin experiencing heavy, sore or tingling breasts within one to two weeks of conceiving. Depending on where you are in your maternity journey, you may find that your breasts may increase a full cup size or two during your pregnancy and more so after birth, when you begin breastfeeding.

 What is a nursing sports bra?

A “nursing bra” by definition is a bra equipped with features that enable you quicker access to your breasts with a mechanism such as a clip. This is enables you to pull down the top cup of your bra to access your nipples when breastfeeding; otherwise, you would end up having to yank up the bottom band of your bra, which can be incredibility painful.

You can't breastfeed in regular sports bras; it's like trying to get Mount Everest over your boob

This is where an active new mom runs into trouble. Her favourite sports bras are not breastfeeding accessible, but are extremely supportive for working out. However, while working out with baby, she may find she needs to feed and thus, ends up yanking up her bottom band ouch. Alternatively, other new moms decide to forgo their sports bras and just wear their casual nursing bras for working out. While this is comfortable, the typical nursing bra designed for daily wear does not provide enough support to carry you through any high impact activity such as running, jumping jacks or plyometric moves.

The solution? A nursing sports bra or breastfeeding sports bra. It has the support you need to get back in shape with any activity you desire, combined with the accessible clips you need for breastfeeding.

What to look for in a nursing sports bra

If you’re just starting out on your maternity journey, it’s best you invest in a nursing sports bra that you can use after baby is born to breastfeed. Here are the features you want to consider in a bra that will take you from pregnancy, nursing and beyond:

  1. Foam structure support – typically bras without a foam interior are designed for lower impact activities. Built in foam also provides protection against those leaky boobs, without requiring nursing pads or cups.
  2. A long line and adjustable torso band. You may find with your growing belly and bust, that a sports bra that isn’t long line in design can dig in. Try and look for a bra that has a 1.5 inch sports band. Also make sure it’s adjustable. During your pregnancy, you want to look for a band that fits you on the middle or largest hook, this way you can pull it in as your torso comes back in.
  3. Adjustable shoulder straps. As your boobs fill with milk, you’ll find one moment you’re a size C and then you’re moving on to a DD. Look for a bra where you have the ability to shorten the shoulder straps to accommodate your boobs as they shift in structure.



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