Why do I need a maternity legging and top set?

Why do I need a maternity legging and top set?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and transformative journeys a woman undergoes in her lifetime. In fact, in 9 months her belly and boobs will grow and change more than a man’s body will in an entire lifetime. As your body undergoes numerous changes to accommodate that growing baby inside you, being comfortable in your clothes will become a top priority.  

Having comfortable and stylish maternity wear not only plays a crucial role in ensuring you’re comfortable all day, investing in an outfit that you actually want to wear plays the most important role in embracing your growing, evolving body.

Among the plethora of options available, a maternity top and legging set stand out as an indispensable duo, combining both comfort and style to meet your day-to-day needs.

Paired with a blazer or a nursing hoodie, investing in the right maternity sports bra and maternity legging set can carry through a number of your wardrobe needs, while saving you from buying cheap maternity wear that only gets you by.  In addition, most maternity brands will reward you for saving and bundling together.

Comfort During Pregnancy

One of the primary reasons why a maternity top and legging set is essential lies in the unparalleled comfort they offer. The human body undergoes remarkable changes during pregnancy, including weight gain, swelling, and hormonal fluctuations.

Traditional activewear often falls short in accommodating these changes, leading to discomfort and frustration. Even if you’ve tried to size up in your favorite leggings, you’ve probably noticed the two-fold problem: a legging that fits the belly does not fit the legs and vice versa.

Maternity tops are specifically designed to provide ample room for the expanding belly, ensuring a comfortable fit without restricting movement. They also provide access points for breastfeeding. The fabrics used are often stretchy and breathable, catering to the changing needs of the body. These tops are crafted with attention to detail, offering support where it is needed most and eliminating unnecessary pressure points.

Complementing the maternity top, maternity leggings are a versatile and comfortable bottom wear choice for pregnant women. In addition, some like the AFTER9 legging, include built-in back support to help you deal with round ligament pain. A waistband built with excess fabric will stretch to accommodate a growing bump, eliminating the discomfort caused by tight waistbands. Additionally, the soft and flexible fabric adapts to the body's changes, providing unrestricted movement.

Style Without Compromise:

At AFTER9, we love to say that motherhood is all about compromise, just not in your closet. Same goes with comfort and style.

While comfort is paramount during pregnancy, style should not be compromised. The maternity top and legging set is a perfect combination that effortlessly blends fashion with functionality. Many women find joy and confidence in expressing their personal style, even as their bodies undergo transformative changes.

Maternity tops come in a variety of designs, from nursing sports bras that pass as crop tops to elegant blouses, catering to different occasions and style preferences. The use of stylish prints, flattering cuts, and thoughtful detailing ensures as an expecting mom, you can always stay comfortable.

Paired with maternity leggings, this set becomes a versatile wardrobe staple suitable for various settings. Whether attending a casual gathering, a workplace meeting, or simply enjoying a day out, the combination of a well-fitted top and leggings allows pregnant women to maintain their sense of style without sacrificing comfort.

Adaptability for Every Trimester

Another key advantage of investing in a maternity top and legging set is their adaptability throughout the different stages of pregnancy. The adjustable features of these garments make them suitable for the changing needs of the body as it progresses through trimesters.

Maternity tops often come with clever design elements such as ruching, tie-backs, or adjustable waistbands. These features allow the top to accommodate the growing belly without looking oversized during the earlier stages of pregnancy. As the pregnancy advances, these tops continue to provide a flattering and comfortable fit.

Maternity leggings, with their stretchy fabric and supportive waistbands, are designed to grow with the belly. This adaptability ensures that the leggings provide the right amount of support and coverage, making them suitable for the entire duration of pregnancy. The elastic nature of the fabric allows for a snug fit without constriction, contributing to the overall comfort.

Postpartum Versatility

The milage you’ll get out of a maternity top and legging set extends beyond way pregnancy, especially if it’s a great design, you’d wear anyway. This makes it a practical investment for your pregnancy and beyond. In the weeks following childbirth, the body gradually returns to its pre-pregnancy state and your body will need time to adjust.

More importantly, you’ll need ACCESSIBLITY so you can breastfeed your baby. The adjustability of nursing sports bras and maternity tops allow them to be worn comfortably during those early newborn days and way beyond.

The adjustable features that accommodated the growing belly now adapt to the body's changes as it gradually returns to its pre-pregnancy shape. This versatility ensures that the maternity top remains a functional and stylish wardrobe piece even after childbirth.

Likewise, maternity leggings provide postpartum comfort. The stretchy fabric accommodates any remaining post-baby bump, and the supportive waistband gently hugs the midsection without causing discomfort. This adaptability makes the maternity legging an ideal choice for the transitional period after giving birth.

How do you know which nursing sports bra and maternity leggings set to choose?

Consider your postpartum and breastfeeding needs

If you’re planning on breastfeeding your baby, as well as working out, you’ll definitely want a maternity set that comes with a nursing sports bra. You will also make sure that the leggings and tops set you buy has been tested by an independent lab for chemicals that might harm your baby.

Unlike regular nursing bras, a nursing sports bra is built with thicker straps and additional support.

If you feel you’ve got enough day-to-day nursing tops, this is where you’ll want to consider a breastfeeding top of some kind. Nursing tops, unlike traditional sweaters or shirts, come with an access point built in. This way you aren’t fighting with layers to breastfeed your baby in.

Consider how much pregnancy weight you’ll gain

In pregnancy, the average woman gains anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds.

Unlike traditional leggings, maternity leggings are built with excess fabric in the waistline to accommodate a growing and shrinking bump. In the AFTER9 legging in particular, we design our leggings to include a built-in back support, so you can ditch using an external belly band device, ad know that you have that support in your leggings.  

Consider your style

At AFTER9, we know that style is just as important to moms as support. You still want to feel like you, even AFTER you’ve had the baby. For moms, who are classic in their style and don’t like anything flashy or glimmery, we recommend a basic black set.

In fact, our basic black nursing sports bra and maternity leggings is our bestselling combo, where we sell a number of these sets per week.

If you like something a little fancier, we recommend our faux leather nursing sports bra and maternity leather set. It offers a dressier look that you’ll definitely want to wear out, while is still fully comfortable for lounging around in the day to day.  

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