Maternity Legging And Tops Sets - Which Ones Are Best for Me?

Maternity leggings are designed to fit comfortably during pregnancy, and provide support for the growing belly. They're also available in different styles and colors so that you can choose the ones that suit you best.

You’ll want to consider a matching maternity leggings and top set to give a more functional and versatile wardrobe you can workout in, or dress up. In addition, if you plan on breastfeeding, it helps to have that maternity top be accessible for your boobs. Let’s get the details on what makes a great maternity legging and top set:

Maternity Leggings – how do you choose?


Your body will change more times in pregnancy than a man’s will in an entire lifetime. A lot of women either buy normal leggings in a bigger size or wear their normal leggings until they have reached their limit. Neither is a great idea, and here’s why:

Pregnant – buying your leggings in a bigger size?

If you are pregnant and thinking you can just buy your leggings in a bigger size, it’s not going to work. Bigger leggings are more likely to slip with wear, as the waistband never sits in the right place. And then, once you give birth, these leggings just end up in the goodwill bin.

Pregnant – and considering not buying maternity leggings at all?

Sorry mama, this strategy won’t work either, as you are about to put on 30-50 pounds around your waistline, and the fabric in your normal leggings isn’t going neatly wrap your basketball the way you hope it will.

Embrace Maternity Leggings – how they work

When it comes to maternity leggings and getting the right maternity bottoms that will last from your first to your third trimester, it all boils down to the waistband and how it can carry your growing “basketball”.

In your first trimester, that basketball is the size of a marble, but in your third trimester, you’ve got a full on NBA basketball bundle that your waistband has to fit. If your leggings don’t feature a back elastic and are only high-waisted, you are going to be slipping out of your pants.

 This is why we created AFTER9’s 360-degree maternity support waistband system, which you will find in all of our bottoms.

Every maternity legging we sell has a built-in firm back elastic to hold your leggings in place. Then the soft front panel, with ruched fabric wraps your belly as it grows. The result is a legging that you don’t need to size up in, and fits perfectly after you give birth. And did we mention, our maternity legging also has side pockets!!!

Maternity Tops

You’ll want the maternity top that goes with your maternity legging to serve you if you decide to nurse or breastfeed your baby. This means it needs to be accessible for you to reach your boobs. The maternity top should also have flattering seamlines that accommodate your growing belly, so you don’t look boxy in  your clothes.

We recommend starting by buying a matching nursing sports bra with your leggings, as bras are becoming an outergarment for women, especially when they longline. Longline sports bras refer to the underbust band, and its width, which is typically more than the standard ½ inch you find in regular bras.

With a maternity nursing sports bra like our Power Peek-a-Boo and Maternity leggings, you can throw on a jean jacket or blazer and feel complete with your outfit. Check out how we’ve styled our plain black maternity leggings below:


By starting off your maternity wardrobe with a matching maternity legging and top set, your saving yourself money in the long run, as you can get away with an outfit base that can serve you at the gym, or for a night out on the town.

We also recommend pairing your maternity legging and top set with a mesh tank top, so you can really show off your outfit, without showing much at all. 😊

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