Introducing Dads of AFTER9

Hearing from our AFTER9 dads & their experiences.

At AFTER9, we do a lot of focusing on moms, obviously. But for Father’s Day 2023, we wanted to mix it up a little and focus on a dad’s experience. As you move along this journey, your partner’s going to be right there with you, even though you two will have a totally different perspective on what motherhood really means. It’s not like their body is changing over the next nine months, or is it?

Meet our dads:

Christopher, Third-time dad, from Toronto, wife is nursing
eli first-time dad
Eli, First-time dad from Quebec, wife is third-trimester pregnant
Tom, Dad of 2 from Toronto & husband of Founder, Liv

Now for the tea…..what these dads had to say about their fatherhood experiences with the clothes & their partners.

Do you notice a difference in your partner when she puts on her AFTER9? If so, do tell! 

Christopher: When [my partner] wears her outfit, she seems to have more confidence noticeable in her walk and demeanor.

Eli: Yes, she is very happy when she puts on her maternity clothes! She likes sitting down and just feeling to see what the baby is doing 🙂!

Tom: When my partner wears AFTER9, I notice her even more.

What’s one story from your partner’s pregnancy (that they wouldn’t mind you sharing) that really stands out for you during this time – can be funny, challenging, surprising, etc.

Christopher: - The one thing that stands out from this last pregnancy is that my wife continuously lost weight.  My wife lost weight in her legs, arms, everywhere. She also wasn’t that hungry and didn’t think she was eating much. She got concerned, but on her check up the doctor confirmed everything was not only fine, but that our baby was on the larger size. I used to always say to her that because she wasn't eating enough the baby was eating her and that’s why she was losing weight!

Eli: She likes calling the baby "baby beanie" for now, since we don’t have a name yet.  And sometimes when we are making a decision, she says "we have to ask what baby beanie thinks about that...", and she talks to him and asks "baby beanie, what do you think?" 😄

Tom: When my wife was pregnant and she was gaining weight, I started losing weight. Then, when she had the baby, I put back on all the weight. (Really, dude?)

How did you best try to support your partner throughout their pregnancy? 

Christopher: I tried to support my wife by obtaining the many daily drinks she craved: daily fresh made cappuccino (not from home), Booster Juice strawberry Banana protein drink, or a cool refresher drink. I also used to do this thing I saw on TiKTok where I would come up behind her and put my arms around her belly and slightly lift, relieving her of the weight for a few minutes.  She really enjoyed and appreciated that 😊

Eli: I have tried to best support her by telling her not to do so much around the house, and to just rest and focus on herself while I do some housework 🙂

Tom: I supported her during her pregnancies by just saying YES to everything.

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