Strong Mom Gift Card

Strong Mom Gift Card

Strong Mom was created for moms by a mom. Strong Mom is a product and service-based brand specifically for moms that specializes in fitness and nutrition. Created in 2016 by Denise Chiriboga, its mission is to create strong moms around the world through fitness and nutrition in a healthy, fun and safe manner. 

Tummy Fix Program (Diastasis recti)

The Tummy Fix Program is not just about flattening your postpartum tummy, although that's a huge benefit of working through this 8 week program which guides you through re-training your core from the inside out after having a baby (no matter how many months or years postpartum you are). If you're tired of the mommy tummy (aka a condition called diastasis recti), feeling like you've lost all your core strength, can't do exercises you used to do or want to do, have low back pain, leak pee when you sneeze or cough or jump, and just want to work up your core strength properly postpartum, then this is the program for you.

No More Mum Bum 

The No More Mum Bum is the ultimate at-home workout program for moms looking to enhance and sculpt their booty naturally! We understand that after pregnancy, many moms may feel self-conscious about a flat or saggy butt. That's why this program is specifically designed to help postpartum moms achieve a fuller, firmer, and more lifted booty.

With targeted exercises, this program focuses on strengthening and toning your glute muscles, giving you the confidence to rock those jeans and helping you embrace your curves, and rediscover your confidence with the No More Mum Bum Program. 

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