Nursing Bra Conversion Process

Our Nursing Bra Conversion Process

The time has come, your breastfeeding days are over and you want to convert your Power Peek-a-Boo Nursing bra into a regular bra.

Here’s how:

Step one: Get your original nursing sports bra back to us

Nursing Bra Conversion Process

Please send your bra to the following address: AFTER9 Inc., 43 Glen Park Ave. Toronto, Ontario, M6B 2C1. Alternatively, you may drop off your bra at our section at Hudson’s Bay on Queen Street, 4th Floor. For this option, please email us in advance, so that we may expect your package and give you specific instructions.

Inside your package include a note that you would like your bra converted.

Step two: Try and survive 5-7 business days without your favourite bra, while we get your bra converted & ship it back to you free of charge.

Nursing Bra Conversion Process

Want more details on what converting your nursing bra means?

What really makes a nursing bra a “nursing bra” are two components: the mesh inlet & the nursing clips themselves.

Since you no longer require access to your boobs, we simply take out the stitches around your nursing clip, swap it for a regular ¾ inch black ring, and sew it back up. While we are at it, we also cut out the mesh inlet, because you certainly don’t need that layer anymore.

Voila, just like that, your Power Peek-a-Boo is now just a regular bra.

Step three: We ship your newly converted bra back to you, free of charge. 

Nursing Bra Conversion Process