Metallic Snake: Hera Nursing Sports Bra

Why can’t there be a nursing bra that converts into a regular bra when you’re done? Why can’t it be adjustable, so you don’t have to buy ten of them? Why can’t it look like something you’d actually wear out?

Oh, wait, there is.

Say hello to our new HERA Metallic Snake Nursing Sports Bra. Structured with a luxurious foam interior and a a 1.5 inch long-line adjustable under-bust, this little miracle adjusts as your body changes, and easily converts from a nursing bra to a sports bra.

Crafted of our signature “naked” Italian fabric called Lite9, paired with our metallic snake print, the HERA nursing bra gives you full aeration where it counts, and keeps the girls stable while remaining completely breathable. A practical, durable mesh nursing inlet makes feeding time discreet and easy. In addition, this bra has the plushest, most luxrious underbust elastic you won't want to rip off at the end of a long day. 

You can wear your HERA is perfect as a crop top, everyday bra, or sports bra. You can also adjust its width to accommodate a growing belly, or shrinking postpartum torso. 

Pairs perfectly with our AFTER9 metallic snake maternity legging or maternity short.

Please note: this bra was formerly known as the Power Peek-a-Boo Bra. It has been renamed due to some mom approved design upgrades to the fabric and chest band. Fun fact - Hera is the god of clouds and you'll feel like you're on one when wearing this bra!

  • Fits cups B to H. High support.
  • Wear pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Made Locally in Canada, Like Your Baby
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified Fabric
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Metallic9 (73% Polyester, 27% Spandex): Our snake and marble prints feature this breathable, feather-light foiled polyester spandex that feels every bit as good as it looks, which is saying something.

Our bra cup sizes are made disproportionally bigger compared to the band and come with an extender, as we recognize the torso grows and shrinks in the motherhood journey.

Your under bust measurement is the most important measurement followed by your cup size.

Best washed in an AFTER9 laundry bag for longevity.

Wash cold, hang dry.

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why this maternity wear is worth it?

What we do differently

1. Technical percision - we've ruined a lot of clothes pregnant & having kids. So we do every test possible to ensure our garments are technically perfect in how they breathe in a workout, how they support with every seam, and how they can be washed 300 times.

2. Flawless fit - all of our garments have been bump-to-baby tested to ensure they really HOLD up over 9-months & beyond.

3. Versatile wear - we select all of our fabrics and seams to have a dressier finish, so you can wear them from street to studio.

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